Our Mission is to spread joy and happiness


Join us on a quest to find the world's most talented artisans and change their lives forever!


Discover what happens when we cut out the middlemen and bring artisans and customers together.


Learn how your purchases help artisans support families, uplift communities, and overcome adversity.

The Karma Wheel Is So Sweet

Spreading Joy and Happiness, and Love is at the Core!

Happy Artisans

Improve lives and uplift communities through the creation of incredible art

Happy Customers

Impact the world by purchasing handmade products directly from global artisans

Happiness is working!

To date, our customers have helped us send

$1,000,000 +

to artisans around the world, and counting!

Choose Handmade, Choose to be Courageous

Our vision of the future is not one of mega factories producing cookie cutter products for all to cheaply consume. We reject that future.

Instead, we see a vibrant future that celebrates artisans who take the time to craft an item by hand. A future where artisans can thrive, time is protected, stories are told, culture is preserved, and unique details are honored. We believe that a future that is good for artisans is good for all.

At REVITAL, we took an important stand when we cut out the long chains of middlemen. This defining act of courage continues to shape us and inform our work. It serves as a reminder that only through courageous acts do people change the world. 


The Impact of Choices We Make

Throughout our explorations and travels, we realized that there is one powerful core value that influences all the best choices we make. One core value that inspires us to do everything we do. It is the most talked about feeling among artisans, the biggest theme from customer feedback and testimonials, and the most powerful concept to come out of our conversations . . . LOVE. Love is what unites us. Love is what drives us. When artisans craft, they do it from a place of love. When our packers pack, when we engage our customers, when we confront any problem, we do it through the lens of love. This is the mantra we live by. Our mission is to spread joy and happiness, and most importantly... LOVE is at the core.

Choose to do something wonderful today.

Tell your story

Changing the world begins with small, everyday choices. It's the quiet act of kindness toward a stranger, an arm around a loved one, a simple hello to brighten someone's day.

The ripple effect extends beyond our limited sight. We have the power to spread happiness around the globe, to empower artisans, uplift communities, and inspire customers. And it starts with doing something wonderful today.