Revital Exotic Jewelry & Apparel is the culmination of a true love for world travel, adventure, and nearly two decades of hands on experiences in the jewelry and textiles trade. Our true passion is to be able to meet amazing artisans and families, who have passed on their skilled trades from generation to generation. We are welcomed into their homes and hearts. With every purchase, we know that we are supporting entire families and communities, enabling them to continue their trade. 

Revital and David Romanoff explore exotic locales worldwide, including India, Nepal, Tibet, Israel, Thailand, and more……sourcing the pieces we share with you.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving - Our Giving Pledge

Our mantra has always been to support the talented and special artists that make Revital Imports who we are.   With EVERY purchase, know that you are supporting artisans throughout the world.  Every piece that is sold, enables us to continue to order more and more from these artists.   We are not just supporting these artists, but also their families and their communities.  In addition, Revital Imports makes donations, with every order, to the communities that support us.  The karma wheel is so sweet.  

"We are excited to continue bringing new and unique pieces. We hope you enjoy them, along with the energy they possess."

Everything is handmade, using only the finest raw materials, .925 sterling silver, semi precious stones,  and organic fabrics & dyes.   We hand-pick each item from Artisans throughout the world, providing employment with equitable wages and clean, safe working conditions.  

These products fuse our vision of high quality standards and ethical business practices.  We promote Fair Trade, and all the philosophies it encompasses!

Positive Energy makes for Positive Experiences!