The Artists and Where Our Pieces Come From

We often tell our shoppers, “We don’t just sell jewelry and textiles….we share stories.”

Our adventures take us all over this beautiful planet in search of the treasures we source.

Exotic is so much more than unique design. Exotic tells stories of far away places, provoking your imagination.

More important than the actual design is the energy radiating from each piece. It is positively tangible.

The artists making our jewelry have a genuine gift and we would like to share that gift with you.

Every piece is handmade and fair trade. We are supporting artists, their families, and the communities that carry on these traditions.

The Places we Explore


From Delhi to Jaipur, Udaipur to Jaisalamer, we travel throughout India sourcing the finest and most exotic jewelry we can find. The silver and gems are simply the best we have found the world over. Our jewelry and clothing sports unparalleled designs of the highest quality and maximum comfort.


Our adventures take us throughout the ancient city of Kathmandu and the foothills of the Himalaya in search of the highest quality gemstones, and artists who are passionate about the jewelry they make. We are consistently enamored by the Nepalese people. Their spirituality, kindness, and openness to us is constantly humbling. The pieces we buy are all handmade, one off expressions of the artists who make them.


Thailand is a sensory paradise. Jungle treks, tribal quests, city lights, and island vibes. There is never a shortage of excitement in our adventures through this beautiful country. Some of our very best finds happen when we are lost in Thailand. It is a thrill to bring these pieces to you.


Israel is the holy land. Known for its ancient history, the jewelry we bring back is timeless and unique. These jewelry designs have endured the test of time. They will always be relevant. Looking for the most distinctive designs while traveling the beautiful countryside, is one of our most favorite past times.


Wandering the streets of our favorite European villages and cities is another one of our favorite past times. The culture is rich with hidden gems. Treasures are found in the most unexpected places, such as ancient markets in Italy and France, and tiny shops nestled in the winding streets of countryside villages. Getting lost in the backroads of Europe never gets old.


Where is your favorite place?

We are constantly asked, “Where is your favorite place to visit?”

Thailand is that place! Island hopping and navigating the hustling city of Bangkok, mystified by the tribal jewelry from Chang Mai, are just a few of the reasons why . We are always entranced by the jewelry and textiles found throughout Thailand.

Most importantly, the Thai people are so full of life and they are genuinely warm and welcoming. It's a true honor to call some of their local artisans our friends.

Positive Energy makes for Positive Experiences!

Small Business

Revital is a minority owned, independently owned small business. Supporting artists and their families around the world.

Fair Trade

These products fuse our vision of high quality standards and ethical business practices.  We promote Fair Trade, and all the philosophies it encompasses!

Supporting Artists Worldwide

We hand-pick each item from Artisans throughout the world, providing employment with equitable wages and clean, safe working conditions.

Best Quality

Everything is handmade, using only the finest raw materials, metals, .925 sterling silver, semi precious stones,  and highest quality fabrics & dyes.

Woman Owned Business

Revital is a minority, female owned business. She had a dream and went for it. Follow your dreams!

Easy returns

If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we will do everything we can to try and make it better!